Rolex MILGAUSS Series watches: 116400GV-72400

Posted by Emilio on December 1st, 2015 — Posted in Rolex watches

3This rolex replicas swiss made also known as” green glass” which as popular as “green ghost”, this watch magical green represents the great vitality, and is the Youngest watches in Rolex.


Rolex 116400GV-72400 has a beautiful appearance design, catch people’s eyes. This type of watch is one of the highest distinguishing degrees in Rolex watches. With Orange lightning second-hand, green sapphire watch mirror, If you see a wristwatch which has lightning pointer, then this watch is must MILGAUSS Series, This size is about 40mm, If you see at edgewise you will find the watch ear is big than the same diametric of Daytona. The watchcase and chain make with STAINLESS STEEL, so this watch has altitudinal polish and the wearer will feel very comfortable. At the location of 3, 6, 9 o’clock have some orange time scale in the black dial plate, different with other white time scale is because of they were installed special noctilucence sign. The green sapphire watch mirror that makes the time displayed more clearly.


People were deeply attracted by the appearance of 116400GV-72400, so it’s easy to ignore its powerful features, mille in French means “thousand”, and gauss is the measurement unit of magnetic field. The so-called MILGAUSS means in the magnetic field which the density reach up to 100 Gaussian the watch can still maintain precision operations. Rolex adopt double watchcase to antimagnetic. Before the double watch case is too thick, but MILGAUSS solved this problem – just thicken the oyster type watch case and put the antimagnetic case into the watch. So make the watch back keep the normal thickness and also can fit peoples wrist tightly.


Rolex milgauss replica Series 116400GV carry with Cal.3131 self-motion cochain movement; the most important of this movement is the escapement and vibration system, the movement of Cal.3131 adpot the straight line Lever Type escapement, accuracy control the travel-time, The movement surface through rhodium